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Welcome to Our Potent Poker Website

We have been sponsoring online poker and casino affiliates for over 8 years. We have not been paid to develop this catalog list and we do not contend that this list is all inclusive of the many great places to play poker online. We are simply providing this portal as a guide to help our site visitors find the room of their choice for playing online poker.

Online Poker Playing Tips
   Concentrate your table position and strong starting hands.
     This is a common rule and one that should be adhered to if      one is to become a successful online poker player.

   Avoid playing too loose online.
     In the long-run you, as a tighter more disciplined player, will      be more successful and take down more pots.

   Practice reading the flop.
     Being able to immediately scan a flop and determine the      "nuts" or best possible hand, is imperative.


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